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Bro. Matt Rodgers outdid himself again. Our family pictures turned out awesome! God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family who loves the Lord.

Grant Weston Short

May 4, 2015 — 4 Comments

To borrow choice words from my lovely wife, “I’m smitten.” 

Yesterday marked the beginning of life’s journey for another of God’s great miracles: Grant Weston. At 10:17 a.m. on Sunday, May 3rd, he took his first breath.

Ironically, one day before, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, fourth in line to the British throne.  

The fanfare and publicity surrounding this baby girl’s entrance into the world, her first visit to see her great grandmother, the Queen, and subsequent announcement of her name to millions waiting with eager excitement, is remarkably contrasted in my mind to the birth of our third child. 

Little Grant has a simple hand-made banner hanging above his mother’s bed announcing his name and revealing his gender, “to the world” (we kept it a surprise, even for us). Pictures were dispersed via email and text and even a few phone calls were made by his ecstatic mother. 

However, no news teams or reporters are making themselves a nusiance in this quiet little hospital room trying to get the scoop to share with their demanding audience. 

Yet, he’s just as special to Sandra and me as the princess is to her parents, and God loves each of them the same. 

He’s not in line to sit on a throne, but my prayer is that he will be a true servant to the King of Kings who sits on the throne! If that is be to his only accomplishment in this life I will be one proud and thankful father. 

With these thoughts in mind I present this poem written today by a “smitten” dad, while contemplating the love I feel in my heart for my new son, Grant Weston.

Those who think there’s love enough for only one, has never held their second child, whether daughter or son. 

The love for one is as strong as for the other; if you don’t believe, just ask their father or their mother. 

This fact should come as no surprise, for we are each the apple of God’s eye. 

Regardless of race, color or creed; a person’s personality, traits or deeds; our Creator’s love is so profound, He loves you just the same as me. 

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We made our first snowman yesterday! Avalynn named him Jonathan… We had a lot of fun in the snow!

2014-10-19 20.12.52

My little butterfly praying for the Holy Ghost a few weeks ago! She prayed like this for probably 15 minutes. One night after church she was crying seemingly for no reason. When my wife asked her why she was crying, she said, “because I didn’t get the Holy Ghost and get baptized!”



We are soldiers of the cross

in the army of the Lord.

Fighting for the Truth,

we shall not be ignored.

A foe to reckon with,

in this Spiritual war.

For we are well equipped,

with weapons from the Lord.


Defeat is not an option,

comes our battle cry.

We must win; we will win!

our redemption draweth nigh.

The Day of the Lord is soon,

His troops He will gather.

Victorious we will stand,

with our Saviour, forever.

Soldiers of the Cross, by James Short


After two long months the box arrived! The kids have had as much fun with the box empty as they have with the things they discovered inside.