Another Man’s Treasure

June 9, 2013 — 4 Comments

I am a sucker for things old, used, and worn out. My bookshelf looks like an eclectic storm blew through and left nicknacks littered on the shelves. Well, that’s my version of what my wife says. At any rate, relics of the past tell a story all of their own and I love to read their story. An old car, tool, instrument or something similar will catch my attention when new fangled gadget won’t. The aged artifact seems to connect me to another day and another time. Perhaps, a simpler time than we presently know. This is why I did a double take when I glanced down and saw this tambourine lying on the chair.


It was in a small church in Payates, a city in Metro Manila. I have seen the ladies use this tambourine but only from a distance.  It had never really caught my eye before. But as I was speaking to the pastor and his wife after church a few weeks ago I glanced down and really saw this worn out instrument for the first time. I picked it up and examined it. The pastor and his wife chuckled as I admiringly turned it over and over. Then I exclaimed: “Coca-Cola?” Sure enough, as I continued to look I realized that they had replaced the small metal jingles with flattened metal coke bottle caps. The intrigue barometer was rising.

After enquiring, I found out that this tambourine was purchased in 1986 to be used in praise and worship to God. I asked them, with a smile on my face, if the church would like to trade this in for a new one. They laughed and said they didn’t understand why I would want it, but they would be happy to trade. So, before a week was out, I found a replacement and the deal was done. They were happy for a new one, and I was happy to own the old one. That my friend is a good deal.


Now, I realize that to many this may be a little trite as twenty-seven years is not that old. I guess what makes it special to me is the fact that it looks old due to much use, and in a small way it connects me back to the early days of this Apostolic work in the Philippines. This is no doubt one of my most cherished “souvenirs” to date..

4 responses to Another Man’s Treasure

  1. We were so thrilled to come back across your blog today and see the pictures and read the reports of what God is doing through you all in the Phillipines.

    We rejoice with you, think of you often and pray for you regularly.


    The 4 Cheeks

  2. Very cool! Irreplaceable in my opinion. That tamborine is evidence of ingenuity over excuses.

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