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Stopped at a public park a few weeks back. A man had these horses here specifically so you could pay him to take a picture of your kids, not for riding. Well, we obliged.

It doesn’t look like it in this picture but “little miss” likes horses…lots better than dogs!

My wife was reading the Bible to Carter and she read where Jesus said “my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Carter interrupted and emphatically said, “there’s not two Gods” with the most incredulous look on his face. 🙂

Carter Short


Carter was pretty intent on what he was doing. He kept cutting to the inside of the circle effectively cutting off the other young driver. The attendant, who I’m sure was afraid of liability issues due to the high speeds, kept pulling Carter’s bike away from the other guy’s. I don’t know where he learned to drive like that…

As often as we can, we have Sister Joy from one of the churches come and teach our children Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. I have heard how easy it is for children to learn languages but it is so neat to see it first hand. Even this morning, Avalynn, who will turn three this May 26th, looked at one of my one hundred peso bills and said “lilà” with a smile on her face. The bill is a purplish violet color. I’m amazed at how many words they know already.

2013-08-17 09.04.10-small

Sister Joy teaching the children Tagalog

The picture below is what Sister Joy drew to help the kids learn animal names. Carter was so proud of this sheet that he wanted me to “send these to everyone in Tulsa”, or something like that. 🙂

Carter's and Avalynn's Lessons combined

My wife reviews with them almost daily between lessons which is the key to their retention. One thing she did just the other day is post Tagalog words and their English meaning around the house. She put “malinis” for clean above the sink and “madumi” dirty above the trashcan, etc. This is pretty neat and helpful to keep it in front of us. Consequently, my wife is learning just as much as the children.

I’m so thankful my kids have the opportunity to learn another language like this. My prayer is that their knowledge of the Filipino language will someday benefit the kingdom of God. Just think, I would have my own resident interpreter to take to Bible studies!

Daddy Did Lunch

March 21, 2014 — 2 Comments

Every now and then my wife will leave us. Well, it’s not as drastic as all that, but you’ll understand in a moment. It’s just for a few hours while she goes to recharge her batteries by walking a mall somewhere and doing a little window shopping (she’s not a big spender, thankfully). When she is gone, her absence is felt. Although the kids and I had a pretty good day today one thing we really missed was “mommy’s” cooking.

So….we ordered McDonald’s.


It was Carter’s idea, in a way. He wanted the three of us to go to McDonald’s on my motorcycle since “mommy” had the van. Ain’t happening! But it got me to thinking. So, I did a search for McDonald’s delivery and found out they had a nice order app. I ordered in minutes and within 20 minutes or so they were ringing the doorbell. Just enough time to get the kids cleaned up from playing outside, and downstairs. They were excited to see me walk through the front door with McDonald’s sacks. Love these kids.

Fortunately, “mommy” is back so we won’t have to resort to McDonald’s any time soon!

FYI: I paid around a dollar for the delivery.

P.S. I can cook a mean grilled cheese, nachos, and breakfast as well as do a little grillin’. Beyond that…well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s not up to me to feed. 🙂

A few days ago my wife and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. We kept things simple this year and went to our favorite local restaurant, Cafe 1771, in Ortigas, Metro Manila. Last year, when my mother-in-law visited us in the Philippines we took her up on the offer to babysit and went out on what we told the kids was a “special date.” I found this cafe online and it looked good and had good reviews so we tried it. It turned out to be delicious and reminded us of places we liked back home.

Short Family at Cafe 1771

Now, the kids really like the idea of going on “special dates” whether it is two of us, or the whole family. They get really excited about these times together and so do their parents! I greatly love being with my family and I am thankful for the time that we are able to spend with one another. Life is definitely exciting with our little munchkins around. They are growing too fast!

The Lord smiled on me the day I met the young lady I now call my wife over twelve years ago. I feel like a blessed husband and “daddy” today and just wanted you to know.


This little girl has stolen my heart. The sparkle in her eye and the mischievous grin on her lips doesn’t even show the casual observer the depth of personality this little girl possesses. She’s stolen daddy’s heart to be sure. Avalynn Mariah is daddy’s little butterfly. If you don’t believe me, just ask her.


Pappy and Carter put a puzzle together while waiting on me in a store today. We had a good time today running around together. In a few hours we get on a plane and fly back to the Philippines. It’s been a good trip but we are anxious to get home.

A few weeks ago we were in the coastline city of Lucena attending a baptismal in Tayabas Bay. It was beautiful weather and a beautiful view! After the baptism (you can read about that here) the young people and a few adults got in the water and had some fun. Carter especially enjoyed himself. He was throwing rocks and sea shells into the water for ever. I think he would have done it all day if we would have stayed there.

2013-11-24 15.12.53 2013-11-24 15.12.38 2013-11-24 15.12.15
2013-11-24 15.19.56

Crabb anyone?


This guy is teaching him how to build a sand castle.

2013-11-24 15.41.11

This Jellyfish is poisonous so they tell me. if the long things that hang down touch your skin, it will itch and burn pretty bad. I don’t know how bad…I didn’t test it.


Avalynn wasn’t too sure about all this water in one place!

2013-11-24 15.24.37

She liked it better back up under the canopy! 🙂

2013-11-24 15.26.45


2013-11-24 15.00.39

Sure do love my family!

2013-11-24 15.23.11
2013-11-24 16.20.36

Great memories. Hope you enjoyed the pictures..

2012-12-06 10.50.05

These pictures were taken December 5, 2012. I just came across them today and had to post. The kids had too much fun on the rockers! We were coming back from preaching in Louisiana and met the Zach Brown family at Cracker Barrel. They were evangelizing at the time and were close to where we were.

Good friends, good memories. We love the Brown family and are thankful for their friendship.

Bro. Brown and Bro. Short Sis. Brown and Sis. Short