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Bro. Matt Rodgers outdid himself again. Our family pictures turned out awesome! God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family who loves the Lord.


After two long months the box arrived! The kids have had as much fun with the box empty as they have with the things they discovered inside.

Family Photo Shoot!

June 23, 2014 — 2 Comments

I got my beautiful wife a family photo session for Mother’s Day this year. We had a good time and were pleased with the pictures. This is actually the first time we’ve ever taken family pictures in a studio. But, here in Manila it is rarely cool enough outside for a outdoor shoot. When it is cool enough it is probably raining!

Anyway, thanks to Lea and her crew at Yellow Sun Studio for the awesome pics!

2014 Family Pic cropped

Yellow Sun 2343- small

Yellow Sun 2377- small

Yellow Sun 2456- small

Yellow Sun 2311- small

Yes, they captured some of his finer moments…

Daddy Did Lunch

March 21, 2014 — 2 Comments

Every now and then my wife will leave us. Well, it’s not as drastic as all that, but you’ll understand in a moment. It’s just for a few hours while she goes to recharge her batteries by walking a mall somewhere and doing a little window shopping (she’s not a big spender, thankfully). When she is gone, her absence is felt. Although the kids and I had a pretty good day today one thing we really missed was “mommy’s” cooking.

So….we ordered McDonald’s.


It was Carter’s idea, in a way. He wanted the three of us to go to McDonald’s on my motorcycle since “mommy” had the van. Ain’t happening! But it got me to thinking. So, I did a search for McDonald’s delivery and found out they had a nice order app. I ordered in minutes and within 20 minutes or so they were ringing the doorbell. Just enough time to get the kids cleaned up from playing outside, and downstairs. They were excited to see me walk through the front door with McDonald’s sacks. Love these kids.

Fortunately, “mommy” is back so we won’t have to resort to McDonald’s any time soon!

FYI: I paid around a dollar for the delivery.

P.S. I can cook a mean grilled cheese, nachos, and breakfast as well as do a little grillin’. Beyond that…well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s not up to me to feed. 🙂

A few days ago my wife and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. We kept things simple this year and went to our favorite local restaurant, Cafe 1771, in Ortigas, Metro Manila. Last year, when my mother-in-law visited us in the Philippines we took her up on the offer to babysit and went out on what we told the kids was a “special date.” I found this cafe online and it looked good and had good reviews so we tried it. It turned out to be delicious and reminded us of places we liked back home.

Short Family at Cafe 1771

Now, the kids really like the idea of going on “special dates” whether it is two of us, or the whole family. They get really excited about these times together and so do their parents! I greatly love being with my family and I am thankful for the time that we are able to spend with one another. Life is definitely exciting with our little munchkins around. They are growing too fast!

The Lord smiled on me the day I met the young lady I now call my wife over twelve years ago. I feel like a blessed husband and “daddy” today and just wanted you to know.

The kids had a blast (pun intended) getting ready for July 4th this year. They’ve been making fancy crafts and hanging flags and stars around here. It’s been fun. They even helped “mommy” make some blueberry muffins complete with little stars sticking out of them. Here’s a little something we put together for you to see what they’ve been up to. Carter has been memorizing the Pledge of Allegiance so I know you will enjoy hearing that.

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2013-06-08 12.04.06

Besides God, this lovely lady has truly been the best thing that has happened to me. I love her more today than ever. She’s a wonderful wife, a true friend, and a great mother to our children. I am blessed that she loves me and her family as much as she does. I am also blessed that she loves the work of God enough to follow me to one of the “uttermost” parts of the world.


I am a sucker for things old, used, and worn out. My bookshelf looks like an eclectic storm blew through and left nicknacks littered on the shelves. Well, that’s my version of what my wife says. At any rate, relics of the past tell a story all of their own and I love to read their story. An old car, tool, instrument or something similar will catch my attention when new fangled gadget won’t. The aged artifact seems to connect me to another day and another time. Perhaps, a simpler time than we presently know. This is why I did a double take when I glanced down and saw this tambourine lying on the chair.

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The reason we like McDonalds is not because of their mouthwatering (when they are hot and fresh), world famous french fries. It is not because of their awesome dollar menu (which they do not even have here in the Philippines – I’ll give you one guess as to why?). But it is simply because it is familiar.

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I Love My Family

August 29, 2011 — 4 Comments

A man’s family is his greatest earthly asset. I have without doubt been blessed beyond measure. February 2, 2010 our family begin to grow as we were blessed by God with a little boy, Carter Daniel Short. Not too far behind came sweet little Avalynn Mariah. They both have great dispositions and are a pleasure to raise. Yet, no one should be surprised as they absolutely have the best mom in the world.

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