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Black Bean Burger from Atlas Grill, Tulsa-OK

Rusty Rowe, owner of Mod’s Coffee and Crepes on Boston told me about Jake’s Black Bean Burger and he acted quite serious so I had to try it. Well, I’ll have to admit it was probably the most scrumptious food I’ve sunk my teeth into for some time (don’t you dare tell my wife).

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About 4:ooam on Thursday 26th I woke to my sweet wife saying, “I think Avalynn is coming to see us today”.  Normally, if I see 4:00am it’s because I stayed up way too late so it took just a bit to clear the cobwebs and fully comprehend what she said.  Our little baby girl was finally knocking on the oven door wanting out!

After feeling like everything was officially “ready” Sandra announced that Avalynn was welcome to come anytime.  She proceeded to say she thought Thursday would be a good day.  Well, Thursday it was.  Avalynn listens very well for such a tiny little thing.

About 6:00am we arrived at St. Johns Hospital where fifteen and a half months ago our firstborn, Carter Daniel was born.  The nurses that helped us with Carter, Susie and Kim, were both there to assist again which was pretty cool.  Avalynn arrived at 12:18pm and proceeded to wrap me around her little finger.

First Family of 4 PictureOh my!  “Wow” is the most appropriate word I can muster!

She weighed a whopping 6lbs 3oz and is 20 inches long.  She would have been longer but God decided to take some of that length and put it on her feet! Her big brother Carter just loves on her and grins at her.  Absolutely the cutest thing in all the world.

Mom and baby are both doing great and for this I am extremely grateful.  I feel like a blessed man today..

Time Flies

April 26, 2011 — 6 Comments

It has been way too long since I’ve posted.  This must change!

I enjoy writing to the three of you who read this blog.  Okay, so maybe I exaggerate.  I really do enjoy writing to both of you though.

Someone asked me just the other day why I blog.  Honestly, the main reason I blog is because I enjoy writing.  Since I tend to write better when I know someone might actually read what I’ve written, and publishing a book is out of the question for many reasons, I choose to blog.

At any rate, I feel the need to publicly tell myself to start writing again.  So, that’s just what I did.

Stay tuned!.

Change is Inevitable

January 29, 2011 — 4 Comments

It was a little over 5 years ago I walked into Smith Staffing armed only with a resume and a smile.  I told the young lady sitting at the front desk that I would like to speak with the manger.  Sheepishly she paused, turned in her chair and said “who is the manager?”

Now, red flags are popping up all over the place.  My instincts told me to turn around and walk out.  Before I could, the young man behind her turned and said, “Well, umm, I guess I am”.

I wanted to say; “Okay you all have a nice day” and escape without incident.  However, before I knew it I was sitting across the desk from this young man as he explained the situation.  They had just cleaned house and he came down from OKC to begin hiring a new team.  The receptionist had walked in not long before and he just put her to work answering the phones.

Within the month they asked me to manage the new team.  Now, some 5 years later I am leaving.  I am leaving a stable, growing staffing and recruitment firm to embark on a path of unknowns and uncertainty.  I am leaving an established company to work for an internet start-up; trading a secure market for untapped one; and leaving a loyal clientele to build and develop one from scratch.

However, if I have learned anything over the last 5 years it is that change is inevitable.  To grow and succeed, individuals and organizations alike must be willing to embrace change – not resist it.

Change generates excitement and yet the risk involved breeds anxiety all at the same time.   However, I have an understanding that there is no success at the end of a path without risk and those who refuse to change reap frustration and discontentment.

There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse!  As I have often found in traveling in a stagecoach, that it is often a comfort to shift one’s position, and be bruised in a new place.  ~Washington Irving


As the Short Family Grows

December 28, 2010 — 9 Comments

March 4, 2006 on a windy winter evening in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I finally married my best friend Sandra Joy Knapp. Sandra and I have now enjoyed almost 5 years of marriage. We have enjoyed very much getting to know each other and trying our best to work all the kinks out. During this time, we have been busy working together for the Kingdom of God and that has brought an added blessing into our lives. We have not always been perfect. On the contrary, we understand that we are not and that helps our relationship tremendously.

February 2, 2010 Carter Daniel Short was born into this union. Wow! What a life changer he has been. I did not realize you could love a little guy so much! He has been a wonderful baby full of smiles and cute antics. He loves playing daddy’s guitar so much that Nana and Pappy Short got him his very own this past Christmas. He has also learned to stand on his tip toes and play the piano. I pray his love for music grows and he can be a blessing to the God’s people. He is definitely Momma’s boy and that’s fine with me…I understand because I too am his momma’s boy! 🙂

He has a wonderful momma who devotes her life to making sure he has a proper upbringing. I love to walk in the house and see how content he seems while his momma reads his little bible to him.  Nothing like it in the world!

May 28, 2011, if all goes as expected we will be adding a little girl to our family.  To use a word from one of our young people, “WOWZERS!”  I’m sure in our little world, what can be shaken will be shaken.  It’s hard to imagine loving another child as much as we love Carter but from what we hear that won’t be any problem.  Now, it’s time to get serious about a name….

Please keep us in your prayers. 🙂.

Learning to Love

December 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

The subject of love is one of the most misunderstood, abused, and under taught subjects that I know of.  My dad always taught me that to “fall in love” is an accident – as no one falls on purpose. He also taught me to make all accidents appear as if they were done on purpose.  Although I don’t think he meant for these two bits of wisdom to be used together I have never forgotten either of them.

For me, I was “smitten” by the love of my life while in a youth conference in Colorado.  Having never laid eyes on her before nor knowing anything about her whatsoever I cannot say that I fell in love.  However, after observing her in that service and others to come I realized that this was one girl that I could love.

One thing lead to another and we began communicating back and forth.  We lived about 670 miles apart and decided to only write letters back and forth for some time as we got to know each other.  I will forever cherish these letters.

After communicating (not even dating) with her for a good while, I remember the conversation I had with her pastor Brother Tommy Johnson when I told him that I had “learned to love” her.  You see I understood then that you cannot love someone that you do not know.  It is impossible.  However, after trying to get to know her I realized that I loved her.  Today, some nine years later I love her more deeply than I ever thought possible.  Why?  Because I know her better now than I did that first day when I was only “smitten” by what I saw.


I said all that because there is a tendency among Christians to become smitten by what they can see.  There is a certain allurement to the blessings of God.  We can become infatuated (to cause to be foolish: deprive of sound judgment – Webster) with the miracles without ever learning to love the God of those miracles.

There were many who followed Jesus from a distance who never learned to love Him.  Today, there are still many who follow him that way.  Content with being a part of the multitude but not willing to enter into the close circle of disciples who learned to love Jesus so much they would give their lives for Him.

My prayer today is that I would learn that kind of love.  A love that causes a man or a woman to give of themselves beyond the point of seeking anything in return.  God is seeking those who would learn of Him through prayer and through the study of His Word.  The words of Paul express how I feel today, that I may know Him”.

Are you willing to spend the time it will take to really know Him?.

Where are the Heroes?

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There has to be something that means more than one’s own life. If there is no sacrifice, there is no dedication. It is dedication to that which is greater than ourselves that makes life truly worth living. If there is never anything more important than one’s self, then the last hero has been honored and the last medal has been pinned on.

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Fall Family Pics

I’m sitting in my vehicle in the parking lot of a grocery store on this frigid Thanksgiving morning in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Every other year we come here to be with my wife’s family. You see, this all started about ten and a half years ago when I first spotted this lovely lady I now call my wife. Standing on the platform at a youth conference called Heritage here in the Springs and there on the front row…my my my… I remember that feeling!

Skipping past all of the wonderful and exciting details of our courtship, marriage about four years later, then our first baby boy, brings me to this point today. I love my wife dearly and my son more than I ever thought possible. I have a good job, reliable transportation, a good home and low debt for which to be thankful. I have wonderful family, true friends, a great Pastor and church to call home.

However, I can see the hand of God working in each of these things for which I am very thankful. I dont have the time nor do you have the patience to read all of the ways God has orchestrated my life. Suffice it to say, He knows the steps I take because He is the one who orders those steps. I have not always followed Him as I should, but time and again He has given me Grace in my time of need. So, I’m thankful most today for God. Without Him in my life, I do not believe these other things could be as wonderful as they are.

All He really asks of any of us is to follow Him. Jesus is still saying “Follow me, and I will MAKE you”. What is it that God wants to make you? Are you willing to follow Him and find out?.

Customer “NO”service

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My All-Time Customer “NO”service ExperienceCustomer Service - Poor

I had an experience the other day that caused me to ponder the decline of customer service.  It was late evening and I left my wife and baby in the car to run into Warehouse Market, a small Grocery Store chain in this area, to buy a few necessities.  The line was short so my items were soon checked out by the rather impatient cashier.  As is my custom whenever dealing with impatient people, I commenced to ask her, in a most friendly tone I might add, how her evening was going.  Well, I was not prepared for what I heard.  She began mumbling about how she has tried her best to get her homework done between “customers” and how she has an exam coming up that she’s not ready for etc.  I wanted to laugh!  So I did…  I sincerely apologized for adding to her already frustrating night by picking her line.  I expected an apologetic exclamation as she realized what she had done.  Instead, she just kept mumbling about her situation.  Chuckling still, I grabbed my bags and just stood there as she whirled around to the empty checkout line behind her and began pouring over her homework.

I’ve been in the same industry for 6 years now and I’ve learned that while price and even quality of product is important, customer service is still the number one desired trait of any potential customer.  Genuine customer service is driven by a sincere concern for the “customer experience”.  When a customer starts feeling like they are being taken for granted, that customer will began to entertain other callers.

MSN Money has conducted a poll for the past four years to identify which companies have lost the customer focus.  This Customer Service Hall of Shame is “a ranking of the companies whose service is most often rated “poor” by consumers”.  In essence, the bigger a company gets and the less choices you have, the less they care about taking care of you as a customer.  Many of them get away with it because where else do you go?  However, what about the small mom and pop stores.  If they fail to provide good customer service they go out of business, and they should.

Let this be a reminder to each of us that there is no substitute for genuinely caring about other people enough to treat them as you would want to be treated.  Wow, seems like I’ve read that before somewhere…

What is your favorite Customer “NO”service experience?.

Ty Michael Short

Born October 5th, 2010 to Chad and Johna Short and passed from this life November 5th, 2010. He lived only one month but what a full life that it was. Every day was a struggle to live, but that little guy, backed by a “mad momma” and loving dad, faced each struggle head on. For roughly thirty days little Ty was unaware of the significance of his life but perhaps he is able to see more clearly now. To use Martin Luther King’s words, “Free at last, Free at last”! Free from pain and suffering. Free from the struggle to survive. More than that though, he’s free to worship his Creator in a way only dreamed about by Christians still on earth.

The faith that little Ty sparked in each of us will have lasting results. That is why yesterday’s memorial service was not the last chapter, only the last page of the first chapter as Pastor Gary L. Howard stated. I believe God is taking a tragic situation, and working it for good – not only for Chad and Johna, but for everyone that comes in contact with the story of the “Miracle Baby“. Many have spoken of the great impact little Ty had during his short time here on earth and there is no way we can account for everything that has transpired but I do want to share (with his permission) something my brother Eric read to us at the graveside.

Eric’s Farewell to Ty Michael Short
November 9, 2010 – (Ridge Lawn Cemetery Gravesite Collinsville, OK)

It wasn’t long after Chad & Johna announced that she was pregnant that plans & dreams were discussed, speculation as to if the baby would be a girl or boy and when it was confirmed to be a boy Chad & Johna wondered if he would be athletic, a fitness buff, strong, will he be a natural horseman like his daddy, musically talented like his uncle James or ruggedly handsome like his (uncle Eric) Pappy!

As the pregnancy progressed and Johna got to that stage to enjoy motherhood and the joy of all that goes with it their world was to quickly come to a screeching halt. Priorities were to be rearranged and their focus & attention was about to be redirected from the anticipation of a baby on the way to the daily struggle of preserving a life.

Ty has been named a miracle baby and I understand why but the miracle is in the fact that his little life’s struggle has positively impacted more lives than most people do in a long lifetime. People including myself have talked to God for the first time in years. Families have become closer, strangers to the family have become aware of God thru the faith, trust & courage of Ty’s parents, and most of all Chad & Johna; You two have been made aware of your unquestionable ability to believe in God for the unbelievable, to trust God during the unthinkable, and to be the witnesses you never believed in yourselves to be. You can now testify to God’s ability to keep and strengthen you thru life’s hardest trials. You can now with conviction preach, teach or testify that a simple man’s ability to overcome bitterness, anger, doubt & desperation with the help of God and know, first hand, that it works!

Don’t ever waste the opportunity that God & Ty have given you to be what you now know that you can be.

Most of you, that know Johna, know that she had a horse for most of her life named King that passed away this year as well. You also know that Johna’s animals all go to heaven! I believe, as Johna has said, that Ty is in heaven riding King and he’s not a small frail baby. He’s the strong young man we all would have liked to see him grow into. He missed out on this crazy world’s health problems, messed up politics, financial troubles, and the curse of the Short Family driving record! Many other things he won’t ever have to know.

But we do know that he’s fine now! Strong! Healthy! Happy and even though King is a good horse & doesn’t need rode hard I’m giving these spurs to him so when he wants to ride fast across the clouds he can pour the leather to him and spur him as fast as he wants to across the clouds.

Ty…we love you, we miss you and we thank you for what you’ve done to us and for us. I’ll never forget you buddy!