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Worth It All
Released 2013
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I’ve Got A Song
Released 2006
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A Little History

Since I was a young child I had a desire to write, sing and play. I suppose that desire was a product of my environment. Church was a major part of my life growing up. Both my mom and dad sing and play instruments. My dad plays the guitar and bass while my mom the piano and organ (she used to play a downright mean accordion but it was burned in a fire and ended her career. I know, sad…).

I recently came across one of my first songs. One day, when I feel very brave and secure with myself, I will post it for all to laugh and snicker. Until then, you will just have to believe me when I say it was an awesome song. You believe me, right???

Yet, my desire never waned. I am grateful for all those who helped me along the way. Too many to mention, really. I enjoy writing, singing, and playing music that encourages people and glorifies God. He is truly the reason “I’ve Got A Song”.