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2014-10-19 20.12.52

My little butterfly praying for the Holy Ghost a few weeks ago! She prayed like this for probably 15 minutes. One night after church she was crying seemingly for no reason. When my wife asked her why she was crying, she said, “because I didn’t get the Holy Ghost and get baptized!”



This little girl has stolen my heart. The sparkle in her eye and the mischievous grin on her lips doesn’t even show the casual observer the depth of personality this little girl possesses. She’s stolen daddy’s heart to be sure. Avalynn Mariah is daddy’s little butterfly. If you don’t believe me, just ask her.

My Goofy Kids - Carter and Avalynn

I love my kiddos! ¬†We were fixing to head to church and my wife wanted to get some pictures. This is one of their many “goofy” faces. There is never a dull moment when they are around but I wouldn’t trade them for anything..