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A few days ago my wife and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. We kept things simple this year and went to our favorite local restaurant, Cafe 1771, in Ortigas, Metro Manila. Last year, when my mother-in-law visited us in the Philippines we took her up on the offer to babysit and went out on what we told the kids was a “special date.” I found this cafe online and it looked good and had good reviews so we tried it. It turned out to be delicious and reminded us of places we liked back home.

Short Family at Cafe 1771

Now, the kids really like the idea of going on “special dates” whether it is two of us, or the whole family. They get really excited about these times together and so do their parents! I greatly love being with my family and I am thankful for the time that we are able to spend with one another. Life is definitely exciting with our little munchkins around. They are growing too fast!

The Lord smiled on me the day I met the young lady I now call my wife over twelve years ago. I feel like a blessed husband and “daddy” today and just wanted you to know.


We were driving around looking for a place we couldn’t find when all of the sudden my wife exclaims (fancy word for “screams”), “Chili’s! Look, there’s a Chili’s!” Sure enough, there on the corner was a Chili’s Bar and Grill, just like the ones at home. I never knew we would be so excited to see a Chili’s. back home, the conversation would have went something like, “well, nothing else sounds good so lets just go to Chili’s.” Not so here, it was an exciting moment to see something else so familiar. Fortunately for us it was lunch time and we hadn’t eaten..

Black Bean Burger from Atlas Grill, Tulsa-OK

Rusty Rowe, owner of Mod’s Coffee and Crepes on Boston told me about Jake’s Black Bean Burger and he acted quite serious so I had to try it. Well, I’ll have to admit it was probably the most scrumptious food I’ve sunk my teeth into for some time (don’t you dare tell my wife).

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