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About a year and a half ago I met a man who I would later be able to call a friend. He and his family pastor a home missions work in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We were able to visit them during our last trip to the U.S. and enjoyed our time with them very much.

He has a great music album called “There is a Lamb” that I have really enjoyed listening to. Most of the songs on the album are original and all of them are tastefully done.

I’d like to encourage you to add these ten songs to your collection. You would be supporting a great family who is trying to do a work for God. Plus, you will enjoy biblically sound lyrics and tasteful music. Definitely a win-win!


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The final music files are being uploaded to production as I type! The new Worth It All album will be available for purchase on December 23rd! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted..

In 2006 a childhood dream became reality when I published my first audio CD complete with ten original songs. My friends and I worked countless hours learning (the hard way) how to digitally record and the project took four years to complete. I literally pieced it together as I could since the idea of having a “budget” for this project was laughable. This was gratis work at its best for most of those that helped me and I am forever in their debt. The finished product was not perfect, but it was finished. For me, however, it was the fulfillment of a dream.

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