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It is not an island, but the best way to get there is by boat. Ransohan is a barangay of Lucena City – a highly urbanized city on the Southern coast of the Luzon Island in the Philippines. Ransohan is considered a coastal barangay with a total population of about 1,500 people. Of the 1,500, only 800 plus are voting residents. I would guess a good number of the remaining 700 would be children under the age of 18, but I’m not positive. A local pastor invited us to join them on their regular Saturday morning trip to this barangay to teach the children.  

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.09.59 AM


So, around 8:00am on Saturday morning we crawled on on a boat, headed for the open waters…well, almost. Pictured here are church members and the pastor on the left. The driver of the boat is near the back with a hat on. I forgot to get a picture of this, but he is steering the boat with a string. If you pull it the boat goes right, if you let it slack the boat goes left (or something like that).

2014-05-24 07.55.18 copy


These are small houses that we passed along the bank of the river. I would guess the occupation for many of these people is fishing. Although, we did see a security guard getting on a boat going back to Lucena City. So, I am sure that some live here and commute to Lucena or another city close by.

2014-05-24 07.56.07- small

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This small boat was carrying drinking water to Ransohan. They have wells for their “service” water, but it is not good for drinking.

2014-05-24 07.59.31- small





Do you see the old lighthouse? This is the bank where we docked. We walked a very short distance to the waiting tricycles and pedi-cabs that would take us to the house where the children waited.

2014-05-24 08.03.29- small


Here’s my family getting ready to ride a tricycle. This was my wife’s first time! Funny thing happened at the end of the ride. There were probably 8 or 9 of us on this tricycle driving down a somewhat narrow paved sidewalk with no curb. Well, the driver misjudged the distance and the right tire (my side) slipped over the edge and pulled the whole tricycle off the sidewalk. Other than the driver scraping up his foot and severely bruising his pride, everyone was okay. To make him feel better, I rubbed my belly and told him it was because this big American was sitting on that side. That seemed to cheer him up a bit. 🙂

2014-05-24 08.08.28- small


IMG_0370 smaller


We are following the pastor on a short walk (since we decided to ditch the tricycle) to the place where the children where waiting. The two boys in matching shirts are the pastor’s sons. They really love Carter and are always showing him how to do something or helping him in some way. They are real good boys.

2014-05-24 08.14.34- small


These boys are helping me tell the story about how the disciples didn’t want the children to be brought to Jesus but how Jesus wanted the children to come close. We talked about how much Jesus loves the little children of the world!

2014-05-24 08.50.31- small


They know the songs! I think they were singing “Read Your Bible Pray Every Day” in these pictures. Precious!

2014-05-24 08.34.23- small

2014-05-24 08.34.15- small


The owners of this property designated this area just for the weekly children’s services. It was actually a very kind and generous gesture because they have limited space as it is. They had to relocate the area where they butcher the pigs, as well as move a concrete entrance a few feet over. That might not seem like a lot to you, but for them this was a sacrifice especially since this family is not even in the church. This picture shows the roof – I’m not sure what they call it but it is made of grass that can be found along the river.

2014-05-24 08.23.15- small


This is the family’s running water. The more you pump it the more water you get!

2014-05-24 08.18.21- small


On the way back to Cotta Port I got a good shot of this old boat. I was shocked to learn that they were still using it for fishing. It looks fairly dilapidated. I’m not sure I would be ready for a voyage whether near or far! It doesn’t look seaworthy to me. But, what do I know about boats?

2014-05-24 09.53.40- small


This is the rest of our group in a smaller boat. We beat them. 🙂

2014-05-24 09.49.46- small


What an exciting trip. It was neat to see new things, meet new people, and see the children whose lives are being touched every Saturday morning. I hope to go back real soon!

What They Need Is Rest

February 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

It is hard to tell but there are three people sleeping on this sofa. Well, they were asleep when I first went by on my way to the dentist this morning. About an hour later, however, they were awake talking and laughing a little but still laying there. I don’t know who they are nor do I know the circumstances of their life that brought them to this place. All I know is how I felt when I saw them…


Unfortunately, this sofa they are using as a bed on a quiet side street is a much better place to lay than many of the spots I have seen people shut their eyes for a little rest. Just yesterday, I passed a mother who was working to smash plastic bottles at the edge of a concrete median between two very busy streets. I could have reached out and touched her. No doubt she was preparing these bottles to recycle for a small amount of pesos to buy some rice or something for her and her family.

Meanwhile, a young girl about seven or eight, whom I presume is this lady’s daughter, is asleep on the concrete divider. That’s where many people stay the night to rest a bit before they resume their work the next day.

While these things trouble my wife and I greatly, we are even more troubled by the poverty of Spirit that we see. We don’t have enough money, or as Peter called it “silver and gold”, to help everyone that needs it. Yet, we do have something…and “such as we have” I pray God would help us give it.

Please don’t forget to pray for revival in the Philippines. Pray God would lead us to hungry hearts. Pray we can help people find the true rest – rest for their souls.

Due to some complications in acquiring a permanent Visa we had to leave the Philippines before our one year anniversary was up. Pastor Howard felt it was a good time to visit family and friends as well as some of the churches in the States. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and feel blessed to be able to have made this much-needed trip. God is good!


Toward the end of the trip, however, all of us were missing “home.” The kids were asking about their toys and Sis. Short just couldn’t wait to return to the heat and humidity. Kidding, of course! This Colorado girl couldn’t get enough of the cold and enjoyed what little snow we could find. At any rate, living out of suitcases from place to place has a way of making you “homesick” when nothing else will!

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Short News – July 2013

August 15, 2013 — 5 Comments

July was a great month filled with celebration and evangelism. In this issue we tell about spending July 4th in the Philippines, how a church is now enjoying a new keyboard, and about the child evangelism efforts of the headquarters church. Click to read this two-page newsletter and enjoy some great pictures!

Microsoft Word - Short News - DECEMBER2012.docx(Page two has pictures of child evangelism)

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I want to point out the link on the top of my page titled “Asia Revival Mission” in case you have not seen it yet. For now, this is where I will archive the monthly newsletters we send out. In the future, I hope to add a photo gallery as well as our mission presentations. We appreciate all those who support our mission in prayer and finances and trust you enjoy reading a little about what is happening in our lives and ministry..

Christ alone can save the world, but Christ cannot save the world alone..

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