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While searching for recent stats about national rate at which people read and comprehend information, I came across the Forbes article called Do You Read Fast Enough To Be Successful? The information was based on a current e-book promotion speed-reading test done by Staples.

I did it and here are my results:

You read 331 words per minute.
That makes you 32% faster than the national average.

That sounds great until I realized it was less than the average for 11th grade students! Admittedly, that was my third time to take the test. The first time I was 18% lower than the national average. But, I was stumbling over the words because the style was different and it kind of “dumps” you in the middle of a story. Also, I was reading out loud though I’m not sure why.

The second time, I read faster (I think it was 14% above NA) but was still reading out loud. The third time, I read silently and that sped things up considerably. Given my experience, I think the test is skewed somewhat but it was still fun!

Why don’t you try? Click on the image below — it takes just a few minutes. (If you don’t like your first test results, just try again!)

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department