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A few weeks ago we were in the coastline city of Lucena attending a baptismal in Tayabas Bay. It was beautiful weather and a beautiful view! After the baptism (you can read about that here) the young people and a few adults got in the water and had some fun. Carter especially enjoyed himself. He was throwing rocks and sea shells into the water for ever. I think he would have done it all day if we would have stayed there.

2013-11-24 15.12.53 2013-11-24 15.12.38 2013-11-24 15.12.15
2013-11-24 15.19.56

Crabb anyone?


This guy is teaching him how to build a sand castle.

2013-11-24 15.41.11

This Jellyfish is poisonous so they tell me. if the long things that hang down touch your skin, it will itch and burn pretty bad. I don’t know how bad…I didn’t test it.


Avalynn wasn’t too sure about all this water in one place!

2013-11-24 15.24.37

She liked it better back up under the canopy! 🙂

2013-11-24 15.26.45


2013-11-24 15.00.39

Sure do love my family!

2013-11-24 15.23.11
2013-11-24 16.20.36

Great memories. Hope you enjoyed the pictures..