The End, and the Beginning

August 17, 2012 — 2 Comments

The end began June 22nd, my last official day of work for my friend Brandon Morrell and his company Ultimate Connect Solutions.  The following week was our Annual Youth Camp.  This was my last hoorah as Youth Minister for The Lighthouse Church, Tulsa OK – Pastor Gary L. Howard.  We had a tremendous camp.  Bro. Brian Jones preached and it was a very memorable time as we had around 5 get the Holy Ghost!  It’s not even been two months yet  but already we miss YFT very much.  We are VERY excited about Bro. and Sis. Rodgers and their capable leadership. We look to hear great reports in the coming months.

The reason for this “ending” started December 5, 2010.  I wept in front of the platform in response to a very stirring message by my Pastor entitled “Christianity Without a Cross” subtitled “Where’s the Sacrifice”.  God dealt with me very strongly about the Philippines.  It was a bit overwhelming, to be honest.  How, exactly, do you tell your wife you feel called to a foreign country?  It wasn’t until the next day I found out my wife experienced the same call of God and was waiting on me to bring it up!  Wow, God is good!

We spent a few days praying about it before I contacted Pastor Howard.  He told me he had been expecting my call but listened while I stuttered and sniffled out my story.  Finally, I concluded by telling him something like “you may think I’m crazy, but that’s what I feel”.  He responded by informing me he had already called Elder E.W. Wheeler and Bishop Tom Johnson and let them know God called us.  I was again very overwhelmed at the confirmation for what God had put in my heart.

Since that time we have worked to get our financial and personal business in shape.  My family and I spent an entire month there earlier this year.  We have now been traveling to different churches raising awareness about our mission for a little more than a month now.  We are thankful for the open doors and appreciate God’s guidance through this process.  God has definitely taken care of us each step of the way.  From numerous small financial blessings to My brother-in-law feeling impressed to loan us a car.  God is faithful!

Our intent is to be on location by the first of the year.  We are excited to be in the will of God and we are ready to do a work for His kingdom in the Philippine islands.


2 responses to The End, and the Beginning

  1. I still weep with joy at the memory! November 29, 2010 I was standing in front of our Apostolic College class as we prayed for Eld. Bugay. God spoke to me that James would be going to the Philippines as a missionary! I wept but told nobody about this – only asking God to reveal and confirm His will for my son and his family. I thank God for His awesome Grace and power to reveal His Purpose!

  2. You’ve been ablessing to our church and sometimes it’s hard to let go. But now it’s time to bless others. You and sis Sandra will be missed but in our prayers.

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